Sleeping in an Art room


Castel di Tusa - Here you are the journey is here inside the hotel.
It is a hotel-museum of contemporary art unique in the world, just few meters from a wonderful sea, nearby Cefalù. Here you can spend a night inside a museum and fall asleep within an art work. The realization of 20 of the 40 rooms has been given to international artists, with the result of unique art works.
The guest-visitor doesn’t have a relationship with the contemplative art, but can live the art work in a pure emotional condition.

Antonio Presti, creator of Fiumara d'Arte and of the hotel has changed radically the idea of the hotel room in order to deliver it to his utopia: "It’s only entering and living the room that the art work will be totally realized; the presence, the use of the room, will be integrating and fundamental part of it ".

At a short distance: Cefalù, Santo Stefano di Camastra and its pottery, and miles of coastline and beaches

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Highly recommended as self-drive itinerary. Advised airport, Palermo

The hotel is located at 10 meters from the sea, private small rocky beach.

Fiumara d’Arte is a park of monumental works placed in the landscape, now, after many legal disputes, a regional park.
It is the largest park of monumental works in Europe, born from a strong conviction: that art is an expression of beauty, that everybody has the right to beauty, that beauty leads the individual to live ethically and responsibly. 

Commissioned by Antonio Presti, the Museum extends in an area stretching from the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily up to the hinterland of the Valley of the Nebrodis, with works signed by famous international artists such as Peter Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Tano Festa, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Paul Schiavocampo, Antonio Palma, Italo Lanfredini. 

There are different itineraries, also based on the time you wish to dedicate, self-drive itineraries and expertly guided ones.


If you have half a day available, it is possible to take a very nice tour with the sea in the background all the time.
From Castel di Tusa you take the eastwards coast highway towards Santo Stefano di Camastra, and after 2 km make a detour towards Pettineo, i.e. towards the hinterland, up the large Fiumara of the Tusa river. Here you meet the art work La materia poteva non esserci. You keep going on the same road and arrive at Pettineo, a village on a rocky promontory in the centre of the Fiumara.
Here you have various choices: looking at the doorplates that indicate Museo domestico[home museum]you realize that the family that lives there has hosted an artist who during a village event , together with many other artists, has made a painting on a canvas cut out of a one kilometre long canvas spread in the village streets, then giving the painting to the host family as a present. Thus the Museo domestico started up after many editions (from 1991 to 1996).
For sure, if you enquire about the Museo domestico, someone living in the village shall be able to tell you about the related event, but if you dare not ask, some beautiful paintings are exposed in the town hall and in the seat of the Società Operaia in the main square. Just smile and go in. People there are playing cards and shall welcome you with some curiosity, their walking sticks at their side, while you watch the paintings and their natural guardians.

Back on the road, you climb 5 Km towards Motta d’Affermo. Driving along the village without entering it, the road becomes narrower for a short stretch and immediately widens in a large avenue. We suggest you park there, enjoy the beautiful panorama, walk up the meadow and discover what the Energia Mediterranea is made of.
Back to the car, keeping the left side, you drive on the same road for 4.7 Km and arrive at the “end” of the Fiumara, i.e. to the last work of art, the Pyramid. Looking towards the valley, from the end – The Pyramid – you can see the beginning – La materia poteva non esserci – and vice versa.


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