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Tailormade Journeys 

Our tailor made journeys begin in the very moment we start discussing with you and trying to figure out your itinerary. You can’t find on our website a form to fill out, posing the same questions to everybody. You will instead find people able to advise and build a trip starting from your needs and expectations and offering their experience, their knowledge of the territory and their creativity to design a journey which is for everyone his unique journey.

Even the same itinerary can give rise to completely different journeys, it depends on the rhythm, the breaks: imagine a lot of people taking a photo to the same landscape, well each picture will be different.

Sicily has always charmed and fascinated populations and great characters who conquered it, lived in it and exploited it but always leaving traces. Greek, Phoenicians, Carthaginian, Romans, Arabs, Normans. Being object of desire between east and west she gave her beauty a little to both, leaving them both happy.

This island, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, is a centuries old example of integration. The mix of people and culture is present and visible till nowadays, in the inhabitants as well as in the monuments. This mishmash taught us that people have different tastes, that everybody has his or her priorities, proper preferences and dislikes. That is why each of our trips is different from the other suiting the character of each traveller.

In our journeys we always aim to connect travelers to Sicilian culture, bringing them in our favourite bars and restaurants, introducing them to the people living and working here, giving them access to private mansions received by the owners, children of the ‘Leopards’ today aristocrats and modern entrepreneurs at the same time.

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