Aeolian Islands

Travel Type: Self-guided Itinerary

including maritime and land transfers 

from mid April to mid October - on request

7 nights/8 days

Short description:

This is an itinerary conceived to give you plenty of free time,
but with our suggestions about what you shouldn’t miss in your first time in Aeolian Islands.
Experience the plain and discrete luxury of Aeolian resorts 
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Aeolian Islands 

Early Summer and Late Summer in Aeolian Islands 
With no doubt the perfect time to enjoy these wild islands.
No crowds, warm sun, spectacular colors 

The Aeolian islands are ancient creatures. They all have a volcanic origin, the legend tells they have been created by Aeolus, and the moment you set foot there, it becomes clear that this is indeed a setting fit for a god. They are famous as the seven pearls of the Mediterranean sea, and a whole book wouldn’t be enough to describe them, we try to intrigue and tempt you with a few words:

Lipari, the main island, with its pumice quarries and sand
Salina, green, lush, introverted, lonely
Stromboli, still erupting volcano, lively, with black sand
Vulcano, mud baths, smoky fumaroles, sulfur and warm waters
Panarea, chic, fashionable yet wild
Filicudi e Alicudi, little more than rocks, rough, pristine
and around them a deep blue sea

About the resorts

Capofaro Malvasia & Resort – Salina  stands in the most beautiful and exclusive part of the island of Salina, near the lighthouse. The 5* resort will host you in elegant yet simply rooms looking on the painstakingly cultivated Malvasia vineyards, symbol of the Tasca d’Almerita Estates. The panorama is really breathtaking, looking the opposite islands of Panarea and Stromboli.
Here you may have excellent dinners tasting a supreme Mediterranean and Sicilian cooking.

Therasia Resort – Vulcano is the best place to experience Vulcano. The hotel boasts magnificent views of the Aeolian Islands from its spacious rooms, or from the impressive seawater infinity pool.
There is something quite magical about this hotel, from the moment you wake up and step out onto your own private terrace and as the light changes throughout the day across the water you experience a totally relaxing break. 

About the Malvasia wine

Malvasia is a group of wine grape varieties grown historically in the Aeolian Islands and the name of its wine. A two centuries ago description of the production technique of this wine roughly reflects the current one: ”… do not remove this grape from the vine unless it is perfectly matured, knowing this from the beautiful golden color and sweet flavor that it has. The harvested grapes, previously cleaned of decayed grains or damages, are laid out and left in the sun on a mat of swamp reeds for height or ten days, or even more, until they wither. Then they  are gathered on a clean stone surface surrounded by small walls, each one two feet in height, and then the bunches are compressed and smashed, first with a stone tied to outside of a small hollow flat block, and then with bare feet until all the juice is squeezed out.. this is transfused into barrels to ferment, until it is purified perfectly suited for drinking…” It’s not so different nowadays. 
September is the time to live a unique experience: grape picking and wine making.


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