Tours, weekends and day trips include properties representing

the excellence of food and wine tourism in Sicily. 

grafsoste4Whether a charming historic hotel or a new wine resort, on the seaside or in the countryside inland, or a Michelin

awarded-chef restaurant and winery, each provides a unique experience. 

Their unmatched hospitality offers the demanding traveler a rewarding taste of local food and wine,

rich in Sicilian tradition and innovation.

Grape & Olive Harvests/Driver-Guide

Travel Type:
Guided Tour for 2 min or small pre-formed groups 18 max 

Private first class Vehicle & Driver 

Driver-guided. Local Guides option available on request

Period: from august to november 

Duration: 3 nights/4 days

Short description:

Four delightful days in an unspoiled corner of Sicily: countryside of vineyards and olive grove
Stay in a refined wine estate
Taste top rated Sicilian wines
Enjoy Cooking classes & gourmet dinners
Visit the Temples of the biggest archeological park in Europe, Selinunte
Walk the old town of Mazara del Vallo and visit the ’Dancing Satyr’

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About the location

Menfi stands on the Porto Palo foothills jutting out into the Sicilian sea opposite Africa and overlooking Porto Palo, a fishing village and quaint summer resort that once served as a harbor for the Greek colony of Selinunte. The long, sparsely populated coastline has 8 km of beaches with characteristic dunes and wild lilies in the sand. It's an unspoiled place, surrounded by vineyards and washed by the clean water of the sea: Menfi has held the European Blue Flag for 16 years and has gained a reputation as a pristine bathing resort and its beautiful natural landscape.

About the Estate

This hilltop working estate first appears to be a typical rural hamlet surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Your hosts are top Sicilian wine producers who are attentive to every detail. Its fourteen rooms, each with a private terrace, and accented with the scent of the olive grove make it a truly inspiring place.

About the wineries

’Ulmo’ is the original winery of the family. It stands on the banks of the Arancio Lake, near the town of Sambuca di Sicilia. Inside, at ground level, are the fermentation vats, while below are the barrels for maturing the best selections of Chardonnay and Fiano. Its overall capacity is about 1,200 barrels. The winery is devoted to the production and maturation of the white wines Alastro, Cometa and Chardonnay.
Dispensa is the heart of the company, as the center of its technology and its production also serves as the historic home of the family. There are two wineries; the first is dedicated to producing the quality red wines Merlot, Syrah and Burdese. The winery has a total capacity of 400,000 liters with its own bottling line. Areas have been provided on the floor below for the wood storage, with a total capacity of about 1,500 barrels.


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