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grafsoste4Whether a charming historic hotel or a new wine resort, on the seaside or in the countryside inland, or a Michelin

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Their unmatched hospitality offers the demanding traveler a rewarding taste of local food and wine,

rich in Sicilian tradition and innovation.

  Tasca d'Almerita Wine Tour


Wherever you are in Sicily and whatever is the purpose of your stay, let yourself be tempted by a wine day with us: our English speaking driver will meet you at your place and guide you through a day dedicated to Sicilian wines. 

Tasca d'Almerita - Regaleali

For generations, the Tenuta Regaleali estate has been at the heart of the Tasca d'Almerita family's wine production. This green haven stretches over several hundred hectares through the Sicilian interior between Palermo and Caltanissetta, to the hills where the heat so typical of this Mediterranean region is less intense.

On land rising to 900m above sea level, the large diurnal range means fruit matures more slowly, and a greater range of grapes – many of which are indigenous – can be grown. There's a good selection of French varieties too, plus grapes from the Ionian and Aegean regions of Greece, from the Caucasus and from Spain which together make Tenuta Regaleali a triumphant example of diversification, environmental protection and biodiversity – of enlightened viticulture with its eye firmly on the demands of the future.
There are rare varieties, and varieties saved from the threat of extinction by the expert hands of Tasca d'Almerita's vineyard workers and of researchers from universities in Palermo and Milan, in projects which can last months or entire seasons, and which are repeated year after year until annual comparisons can be made. It's slow, painstaking work. 
400 hectares of vines
400 to 900 meters above sea level

The Visit

Once you arrive at Regaleali and just come in in the beautiful court you will be met with the warmth and the elegance of a noble Sicilian family, with the simplicity and genuineness you can find only in the country atmosphere.
You will immediately understand that the real protagonist of the company, even before wine, is the land, beloved and respected in its times. You will be guided in the visit by Corrado, who doesn't succeed at all to hide the love for the wine and for his job.
At the end of the tour, after a few hours or a day spent here you go home with a beautiful feeling, that one can be a big wine company, can produce great wines, manage large numbers, have international awards, and yet remain faithtul to its land, a land that as the owners love to say " we borrowed from our children."


 - Sustainability means working with the environment in such a way that we bequeath our children a world that's even better than our own.
It won't just happen: you have to work at it – with science, technology and organisation -

SOStain is a programme of sustainability for firms which sets out to deal with company choices in an organic fashion in order to channel them towards increased sustainability. The aim is to achieve eco-sustainability in agriculture, starting with our most important national produce: grapes. This is a self-regulated, pro-active scheme to reach our goals through positive actions both in the short term and in the mid-to-long term, bringing together elements essential for development: whether social, economic, ethical or enviromental, these will lead to a phased process of sustainability at ever-higher levels, engendering and promoting continued eco-aware behaviour.
At the basis of this concept lies a re-evaluation of agriculture's basic functions: safeguarding and maintaining our territory; protecting our landscape, flora and fauna.



For individuals and groups, minimum 2 persons


Chauffeur driven itinerary

Vehicle: Mercedes S Mercedes E Viano Sprinter

Period: all year round

Duration: around 8 hours

Quote: on request

Including: guided visit of the winery; tasting of 3 wines;
vehicle and driver NCC 4 hours 




For individuals and small groups it is possible to have a familiar lunch in the beautiful dining room of Regaleali. 

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